Meet Our Team

Carmen Polifrone (Director)

Carmen is blessed to have the opportunity of joining Happy Days Preschool as our new Director. 

She brings 20+ years of experience working in early childhood development and as an administrator. She passionately believes in the importance of providing high quality programs for the children she serves. 

Carmen’s goal is to collaborate with the school faculty to carry on the mission and philosophies as intended by Brave Church, building nurturing and encouraging environments for children and their families to discover new ideas and cultivate a joy for learning. 

She is looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Happy Days Preschool community and is eager to get to know each and every child and their family.

Catrice Miles (Assistant Director)

Catrice has approximately 15 years of experience both in the classroom and as an Assistant Director/Interim Director of a Christian Preschool. She also has 20+ years of general administrative/managerial experience. She has been a member of Brave Church for 2 ½ years now.

Her education consists of 27 Early Childhood Education units and Director Qualification. She recently completed a 2 Day Leadership Training Conference for Early Childhood Education Directors. 

What Catrice loves most about working at Happy Days is that she gets the opportunity to view the world with the same excitement and wonder that children do; all the while helping them to grow, explore, succeed as they learn about Jesus.

Lauren Baugh

I have been in the child development field for 10 years now, and have middle school aged twins. I come from a family of preschool and kindergarten teachers. I was previously a Graphics and Advertising major, at a private college in Georgia. I have over 50 college units, and over 30 units in E.C.E. , and have taught as a lead teacher, preschool director, and Autism Specialist for the S.R.V.U.S.D. middle and high schools. What I love most, is seeing children evolve, develop voices, personalities, and grow up into little grown ups.

Tatiana Nemlin

She has worked with children for approximately 3 years, which includes, infant, preschool and school age children. She has 27 Early Childhood Education units, including Infant/Toddler units and is enrolled in the Fall to continue her studies. She is pursuing her AA Degree in Early Childhood Education. And her favorite thing about working in a preschool is helping the children enjoy their art and reading.

Catie Omo

Our newest addition to the team and is a teachers aid. She has about 10 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She has worked at a daycare, Valley Christian Preschool, as well as Carden West Preschool. She has 3 Early Childhood Units and is currently enrolled in 6 more units this semester. She plans to continue and will be enrolling in 4 more units the following semester. She also have a B.S. in Industrial Psychology from CSU East Bay, Hayward.

What she loves most about working at Happy Days is being with the children! She believes children are a gift from God and addores watching them grow at each stage of life. She feels so blessed every day to help shape these children and prepare them for the next chapter in their lives.

Sara DaSie

Sara has worked in a preschool environment for five years and two of those years has been at Happy Days Preschool. She graduated with a BA Honors in both Early Childhood Education and Deaf Studies. She also has a Master Teacher’s License from the state of California. She recently earned a Certificate of Achievement in Special Education, Pareducator, from Diablo Valley College.

Since she was a little girl she knew she wanted to be a preschool teacher. She says...Maybe because she was so short!

Her favorite part of teaching is encouraging children to love learning; to always question and to use their curiosity to find the answers to problems. 

Janet Davidovich

Janet has 40+ years of experience working with children of all ages. She has worked with Campfire Boys and Girls Club and then worked with the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club. She plans to pursue Early Childhood Development Education but in the meantime will primarily be utilized as our transportation specialist for Brave Kids After School Care Program and an aid in the classroom. Janet’s favorite part about working with kids is how they keep her feeling young.